The first 100 days of a Trump presidency

What happens now that Donald Trump has won?

Donald Trump has secure that as president he can honour the pledge sewed into his white and red baseball caps: create America nice once more.

The former tv entertainer’s campaign has been a roller coaster of triumphs and pitfalls, however his love for trope has ne’er wavered.

With him within the White House, Mr Trump has same, his supporters are progressing to “win therefore big” they’ll shortly be “sick of winning”.
When it comes to mapping out the main points of a Trump presidency, the Republican candidate has been no less extravagant.

It is customary in yankee presidential elections that a candidate sets out a vision for his or her 1st term within the Oval Office.

But ever keen to be “the greatest”, Mr Trump has slashed the timeline of his proposals from one hundred days to 1.

At associate address delivered in historic Gettysburg last month, Mr Trump set out a “contract with the american people” that may begin with a “very busy 1st day”.

He proceeded to detail 24-hours designed to erase traces of Barack Obama’s presidency and set America on a advocate, nativist, track.


Wipe Barack Obama from the history books

One of Mr Trump’s initial actions are to do to erase the results of Mr Obama’s presidency.

The Republican candidate has secure to cancel each “executive action, note and order issued by President Obama”.

According to stephen Moore, an official campaign consultant, the campaign has sought-after to spot “maybe twenty-five government orders” that their candidate might reverse: “Trump spends many hours linguistic communication papers—and erases the Obama Presidency,” he said.

Chief among them is that the reasonable Care Act. conjointly called “Obamacare”, the president’s signature policy has brought insurance to some 12.7 million folks that would have struggled to afford medical cowl.

But it’s conjointly pushed up insurance premiums for Americans not on government help.

Mr Trump would replace this with another system, the “Health Savings Accounts”. This set up would offer additional power to states over the way to handle funds.

But on the far side that critics have aforesaid that the Trump campaign has didn’t make a case for however it differs considerably from Mr Obama’s health care set up, and the way they might implement it.

Like with a lot of of his presidential campaign, Mr Trump seems to be asking the american individuals to trust him and wait and see.


Donald Trump Is Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of the Establishment