Former Union Minister Matang Sinh wrote a letter to Hon’ble Chief Justice of India revealing the truth about the vindictive approach by authorities in power


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To,                                                                                                                                                                   November 3,2016

Shri T.S.Thakur

Hon’ble Chief Justice of India

5. Krishna Menon Marg

New Delhi- 110011

Respected Sir,

It pains me to address this letter to you as your Honor is the most upright and honest chief justice, this country has ever known . I am not even aware that whether I will survive long enough to bring a kind of injustice accured with me. I am not even aware whether you will receive this letter or not but if you will receive it then at least the truth will be known to you. I am a liver transplant patient and had undergone the surgery in the year 2004 from Kings College London. The normal life of the transplanted organ is ten years and after which the complication start. Since 2014 I have been under constant regular medical supervision and the medical complications started as the transplanted organ was showing signs of rejection.

I was called by the CBI for investigation in SARADA Scam and in order to come out clear I had supplied the complete information and documents. I had myself visited at Kolkatta CBI office and cooperated in the investigation and submitted the complete set documents which establish that I through my companies had entered into a commercial transaction with the SARADA group. There is no criminality or illegality in the commercial transaction but still I was arrested due to the personal vendetta of CBI on 31.01.2015. The CBI misused its power to teach me a lesson.

Since I had been medically unfit and due to the harassment being caused to me my medical condition worsened and I had to be shifted to the hospital. The specialized treatment required for me was not available in the multi specialty government hospital SSKM. Since the appropriate and required medical treatment was not provided as the same was not available in the entire State of West Bengal therefore my medical condition started deteriorating.

After my arrest I tried to bring to the notice of the Courts that I have done nothing wrong and there is no criminality as I have entered into a purely commercial transaction but the CBI every time would pressurize and bulldoze the Courts no to grant me relief. The Courts would overlook the merits of the matter and act as puppets in the hand of the CBI who would go to any extent to pressurize the Judges and the Kolkata’s Courts refused to grant any relief to me till date without even considering the merits of the matter.

I was without the proper medical treatment since almost a year and my medical condition has worsened and therefore the Jail Superintendent requested for the constitution of the medical board. The direction was issued by the Ld Court that the Medical Board be constituted from the specialized Government hospital SSKM. The medical board after examination on 07.01.2016 opined that my health condition is critical and I need evaluation and management under specialized facility which is not available in SSKM hospital.

Despite the fact that I am a liver transplant patient and my medical condition is critical as opined by the world renowned doctors and the Medical Boards constituted for this purpose, but still, neither I was permitted to get the treatment from the specialized unit nor was granted bail. Due to my personal enmity with the current CBI director Sh Anil Sinha, the CBI had been managed to conceal the true facts by pressuring, bulldozing, manipulating, misleading the Courts. Till date no judge from the subordinate to the highest Court has taken a stand against the CBI illegal acts but to the contrary had been supporting the illegal and baseless acts of the CBI.

The Hon’ble High Court of Kolkata during the hearing of the bail application had directed the medical board be constituted from AIIMS, Delhi. The medical board after examination on 17.08.2016 opined that I have medical complications and I have to be treated under the specialized unit having the requisite facility for treating the post liver transplant patient. The Medical Board of AIIMS opined that I am sick and requires medical treatment and all other reports/certificates of the world renowned doctors were consistent but the Hon’ble High Court without assigning any plausible reason dismissed the my bail application . Which should have been taken into consideration with utmost important but contrary the bail of co accused was granted after few days by the same court.

Sir, You will surprise to know that all the main accused and coaccused are on bail and CBI never objected the same but in my case CBI even objected for my medical treatment .

I approached the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the Court was kind enough to consider medical records and issue notice. The CBI misled the Court and submitted that I am faking my illness, the Hon’ble Court without taking into account the critical medical condition dismissed the bail application with the direction that assistance may be provided as and when required. I must point out that on an earlier occasion when I had approached the Hon’ble Supreme Court Justice Pinaki Chandra Gosh had recuesed from hearing my matter but recently when I had again approached this Hon’ble Court the matter was taken up by Justice Pinaki Chandra Gosh and dismissed. The bench is view that I am medically sick but still I was not granted bail without assigning any reason. The circumstances suggests that the judiciary is not independent but can easily be influenced by the top rank officers and the ruling government

This is against the settled principle of law and natural justice that there being no prima facie case against me and my medical condition being critical as the requisite treatment is not available but I have been in judicial custody since last more than 650 days because of the high level of corruption in the system. The CBI has managed to pressurize and bulldoze the judiciary and have gotten the petitions filed on my behalf being dismissed without the Courts even considering the merits of the matter. There is no iota of any doubt that this is a vengeful action in order to satisfy the ego of the CBI director.

I wish to bring to your attention the level of corruption and illegitimate use of the power and privilege by the present CBI director Anil Sinha. Your Lordship being the last ray of hope to me I have full faith that the illegal, illegitimate and corrupt practices be checked and there ought to be drastic improvement in the working of the Judiciary. The Hon’ble Judges cannot act as mere puppets in the hands of the high rank officers who have acquired power with the sole intention for private gain and to please the ruling government.

It is not the first time that the malfeasance and illegal conduct on behalf of the CBI is being highlighted; in the past on number of occasions the issues of lack of professionalism and integrity have come to light which has brought disrepute to the CBI like the recent ongoing proceedings of Ex CBI Chief Ranjeet Sinha . The judiciary and the common man expect the highest standard of neutrality and honesty from the CBI but the irony is the reality is contrary.

I had highlighted and raised the wrongdoings and the corrupt practices of the present CBI director including the involvement in the Augusta Westland VVIP chopper deal and other issues whereby Anil Sinha and Ranjeet Sinha has unduly enriched himself by misusing the official powers in an illegal manner. Basis this I had objected to the appointment of Anil Sinha as the CBI special director but the same was overlooked. Since I had acted as a whistleblower and brought the true facts in the open therefore the CBI director is in personal enmity and by using his official powers had ensured that I stay behind the bars without there being any case being made out on merits against me. I will also bring to your kind notice one of the incident :

My Media Company borrowed loan from Canara Bank in 2004, went to NPA in 2012 due to family dispute. But in spite of all odd situations I have repaid the Bank amount in full in 2013 with proper documentation from the Bank. Mr. Anil Sinha after taking charge as CBI director a registered the case on the same issue in 2015 which is nothing but proving his personal vengeance against me .

Our society is facing a very grave problem of corruption that has threatened basic foundations of society and has hampered the economic growth and sustainable developments. Institutions should be made strong for proper working of the democratic system. Proper system of accountability and check and balance should be implemented. Justice delayed is justice denied and the judiciary should be independent and cannot be pressurized and bulldozed.

I must point out that the CBI has done lot of wrongdoings which cannot be ignored and it in the best interest of the CBI that I die for that reason the CBI has managed that requisite treatment should not be provided to me. Despite repeated recommendations of the National and International fame doctors and medical boards for providing the requisite medical treatment still the Courts have ignored the same and decided that I have no right to get medical treatment as CBI has arrested me. In case I die which would be soon than CBI with the support of the Courts would be responsible for my death as they are one who have refrained me from getting requisite medical facility.

It is my humble request that the level of harassment and suffering I have gone through should not be subjected to anyone else and therefore the best safeguard is transparency and the demand for accountability. A democracy providing an equitable and fair nation will evolove, not by having infallible public servants, but by devising institutional mechanisms which will correct the foibles of men. We have lost the balance of the checks and balances designed by our constitution. I have full faith in you and therefore I humbly request you that with your authority and wisdom the Judiciary should be unbiast to give fair Justice to every person.

Yours Sincerely ,
Copy to : Shri Pranab Mukherjee , Hon’ble President of India for kind information . Yours Sincerely ,


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Shri T.S.Thakur<\/p>\n

Hon\u2019ble Chief Justice of India<\/p>\n

5. Krishna Menon Marg<\/p>\n

New Delhi- 110011<\/p>\n

Respected Sir,<\/p>\n