India opens IITs to Nepal students

Reaching out to the younger generation of Nepal, Nepalese students would be able to compete for seats in IITs from next year, India on Thursday announced that.

I am very happy to announce that from 2017 onwards Nepalese students can have the chance to pursue graduate and postgraduate courses in Indian Institutes of Technology on a daily basis. “Academic and student exchange programmes had been a part of the “long tradition” in bilateral ties and India would still help Nepal with developing its human resources,” saying the new chance for the scholars of Nepal, President Pranab Mukherjee said.

President Mukherjee during his speech at an event jointly organized by the think tanks of India and Nepal said, “For this, our Institutes of Technology can open their entrance examinations to Nepalese students.”

“The youths of South Asia shouldn’t stay hostage to “baggage of history,” and urged that they should have more opportunities in technology, health, education and employment generation,” President Mukherjee said.

We offer over 250 scholarships annually for government and non-Government workers of Nepal for coaching in technical institutes in India.

“Our commitment is reflected in the grant of around 3,000 scholarships to Nepalese students each year, providing opportunities to study in Nepal and in India,” President Mukherjee said, arguing for a lot of focus in academic and educational ties between the 2 neighbours.

Drawing applause from the group that had many former prime ministers and foreign minister of Nepal Prakash Sharan Mahat. He said, “[IIT] aspirants would have the choice to write these examinations in Kathmandu.”

President Mukherjee also met with a broad spectrum of political and civil society figures in the evening and reminded Nepal that India remained committed to its “neighbourhood first” policy.