Karnataka Government Tapping Our Phones, Allege Three BJP Lawmakers

Congress federal government in Karnataka resorting to affordable methods, alleged Ms Karandlaje

New Delhi:  A few BJP parliamentarians from Karnataka have complained that their phones are being tapped allegedly by the Congress federal government in the state.

The trio — Shobha Karandlaje, GM Siddeshwara and Pc Mohan — has written letters to the union house minister, Lok Sabha speaker and major law enforcement officers in the state, seeking rigorous guidelines to conclude this “pernicious practice”.

“We have every single purpose to think that the Karnataka federal government is misusing its position and tapping our cell phones. This, in accordance to us, is a clear violation of our fundamental correct to privacy,” explained the letter.

Asked what led them to believe that their phones had been being tapped, Ms Karandlaje explained “we bought to know from agencies”. Without the need of specifying which agency, she extra, “A lot of of our messages and facts have been leaked”.

With Karnataka throwing up a hung verdict, the two the BJP and the JD(S) backed by the Congress experienced staked assert to sort the federal government.

JD(S) leader Kumaraswamy has accused the BJP of approaching his lawmakers with offers of Rs 100 crores and Cabinet berths, allegations the BJP has turned down.

The BJP emerged the one greatest celebration, winning 104 of the 222 seats for which polling was held, but is nevertheless 8 short of vast majority. The JD(S)-Congress merge is well ahead of the midway mark.

“Political condition is nevertheless fluid pursuing a fractured mandate. The Congress federal government in Karnataka is having benefit of the condition and has resorted to affordable methods of tapping the telephones of BJP leaders,” alleged BJP lawmakers in their letter.

According to law, any purchase to intercept telephone phone calls and messages can be issued only by the union house secretary or his counterparts in states.

The Congress has dismissed the allegations, calling them “wild”.

“When we have the quantities why should we be concerned? They (BJP leaders) are the types who are hoping to do every single dirty trick that is obtainable in the guide to check out and sort a federal government,” explained Dinesh Gundu Rao, operating president of Karnataka Congress.

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