UK sees India as largest trading partner outside Europe’

UK currently looking at the globe outside Europe, it’s countries like India that it sees as having the potential of changing into its largest trading partner, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Tuesday.

Jaitley said at the UK-India technical school Summit being held from Monday to Thursday, “UK is watching a world outside Europe and it sees in countries like India, one among the biggest trading partners.”

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He said, it’s India that’s trying to open its economy further, while there are voices from the economies of the globe to move towards protectionism.

Jaitley added , “India’s voice is getting increasingly noticed in the world, we area unit wanting to open out, that’s the direction of India. today our economy is expanding.”

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He said, India and United Kingdom — has undergone a change over decades and they will partner across sectors, as well as manpower and tourism,

He added, “We try to take the relationship at the next level.”