World Press Freedom Day 2017 and the Themes-Media Are Our Best Hope

World Press Freedom Day 2017 || New Delhi || ThePoliticalIndia: #WorldPressFreedomDay – On 3 May, The UN Assembly declared this day as World Press Freedom Day. The world evaluates press freedom around the world. UNESCO leads the worldwide celebration and organising the main event in the world every year. Each conference is centred on a theme related to press freedom.

World Press Day to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press. United state had hosted the World Press Freedom Day in 2011, in D.C, from May 1-3. Several Media houses will feature stories, interviews and in-depth reports on media freedom.

According to UNESCO, “African Journalists in 1991 produced the landmark Windhoek declaration on Media independence.” At the 26th session of UNESCO’s General Conference in 1991, The day was proclaimed by the UN in 1993 following a recommendation adopted.

World Press Freedom Day and the themes

World Press Freedom Day 2017 and the Themes-Media Are Our Best Hope

54 Attack On Journalists In 16 Months

A compilation on press freedom by a media watchdog said, “In the past 16 months, 54 attacks on journalists were reported in the media.”

The report says, “Gangaram Ahir informed Parliament that in 2014-2015 there was 142 journalist death.

Only in one case, “Reasonable evidence of their journalism being the motive for the murder.” The report says though 7 journalists were killed.

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