John Key didn’t want to upset Modi over student exploitation

New Zealand First Deputy Leader Ron Mark says, Prime Minister John Key is not interested in cleaning up the widespread fraud involving Indian students, New Zealand’s foreign student industry is worth $3.5 billion every year.

Reputable agents in India wanted him to request the Indian government and Mr Modi to press charges against their fraudulent counterparts, but he didn’t, When Mr Key met the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India last week.

In India only 30 to 33 agents are registered, More than 2000 agents in India supply students to New Zealand.

“This year more than 163 students entered New Zealand illegally and given the government’s inept level of investigation.

The Indian foreign student industry is being used as a cash cow by the government who allow agents to prey on students desperate to gain residency, In spite of all Mr Key’s assurances to the contrary.

When they are ripped off by unscrupulous employers and attend, in many cases, poor quality courses, The exploitation of students begins in India and continues in New Zealand.

Mr Mark says, “Mr Key is aware of all this but he is interested only in the millions of dollars this corrupt industry brings into New Zealand each year.”