MI vs RPS IPL 2017 Final: Mumbai Indians Beats Rising Pune Supergiant By One Run

MI vs RPS IPL 2017 Final|| Hyderabad || ThePoliticalIndia: Mumbai Indians win the third IPL title against Rising Pune Supergiants. Scoreboard pressure is a strange beast. It seemed Mumbai Indians had stuffed this one up royally and Rising Pune Supergiants seemed in control of the chase.

When Dhoni Joined Smith, the equation read: 59 from 49, Smith and Dhoni could have done it but weren’t allowed by a Mumbai who refused to fade out. Pune had decided to be cautious, get the single and twos, keep the wickets and finish it in the end.

Smith lashed a boundary off Malinga bit Jasprit Bumrah came back to take out Dhoni with a leg cutter. Karn Sharma kept it tight, and all of a sudden Rising Pune Supergiants found it selves needing 47 from 30.

MI vs RPS IPL 2017 Final: Mumbai Indians Beats Rising Pune Supergiant By One Run

Jasprit Bumrah cutaway Dhoni who edge it to the keeper Parthiv Patel. Rohit Sharma knew that Bumrah had three overs and Mitchell Johnson and Malinga had overs up their sleeves. When he decided to intervene with a game-turning six off Bumrah, The game seemed to run away from Smith.

Bumrah crunched that full-length over, but Mumbai had one final throw of dice in Johnson. Johnson has the pace Yorkers, and he can sling them across from round the stumps. Johnson is not the greatest final-over bowler.

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Smith crunched a fullish delivery pretty well, but Rayudu intervened at sweeper cover, the game turning catch. The Joy and sorrow collided in the one moment for Rohit Sharma, and he went nuts in utter delirium

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